ADNPy: API for Python

ADNPy aims to be a easy to use library for interacting with the API.


pip install adnpy

You may also use Git to clone the repository from Github and install it manually:

git clone
python install

Quick Start

ADNPy aims to be an easy-to-use Python client for the API. To get started, you’ll need an access token, which you can get by creating an app on and clicking the “Generate a user token” link.

import adnpy

# Set the default access token for API calls.
adnpy.api.add_authorization_token('your access token here')

# Send a broadcast with the BroadcastMessageBuilder recipe.
builder =
builder.channel_id = 24204  # Get this channel ID from the web publisher tools
builder.headline = 'Hello World!'
builder.text = 'Sending this from [ADNPy]( was easy!'
builder.parse_markdown_links = True
builder.read_more_link = ''

# Or create a post using the API module.
post, meta = adnpy.api.create_post(data={'text': 'Hello World'})