API Reference

This page contains some basic documentation for the ADNPy API

adnpy.api — App.net API

User Methods

A User is the central object of the App.net APIs. User objects have usernames, follow other users, and post content for their followers. See User Developer Docs.

Post Methods

A Post is the other central object utilized by the App.net Stream API. See Post Developer Docs.

Channel Methods

A Channel is a user created stream of Messages. It controls access to the messages in the channel allowing for (among other things) public, private, and group messaging. See Channel Developer Docs.

Message Methods

A Message is very similar to a Post but 1) it doesn’t have to be public and 2) it will be delivered to an arbitrary set of users (not just the users who follow the Message creator). See Message Developer Docs.

File Methods

A file is uploaded by a User and hosted by App.net. See File Developer Docs.

Interaction Methods

Interactions are objects that represent users taking certain actions on App.net. See Interaction Developer Docs.

Text Process Methods

When a request is made to create a Post or Message, or update a User profile description, the provided body text is processed for entities. You can use this endpoint to test how App.net will parse text for entities as well as render text as html. See Text Process Developer Docs.

Token Methods

Returns info about the current OAuth access token. If the token is a user token the response will include a User object. See Token Developer Docs.

Config Methods

Place Methods

Place objects represent physical locations which can be given a name and associated with a latitude and longitude somewhere on Earth. See Place Developer Docs.

Explore Streams

An Explore Stream is a subset of all public posts flowing through App.net’s Global Stream. These Explore Streams are defined by App.net to provide developers and users new ways to discover posts. See Explore Streams Developer Docs.

Config Method

The Configuration object contains variables which define the current behavior of the App.net platform. See Config Developer Docs.

App Stream Methods

A customized view of the global events happening on App.net that is streamed to the client instead of polling. See App Stream Developer Docs.

Filter Methods

A Filter restricts a stream of messages on the server side so your client only sees what it’s interested in. Streams are currently the only way to use filters right now. See Filter Developer Docs.